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Skincare shouldn't be complicated. The skincare industry has confused us, and in turn, we've confused each other. It's time to reset. Let's use less, use better and go back to basics. All & Sundry was founded on the philosophy of effective formulations through a simplified routine and a simplified set of ingredients.




— Anti-ageing

— Skin cell restoration

— Plumping

Jojoba oil, known as the "golden liquid", is extracted from the seeds of a perennial shrub and is a non-fragrant emollient that has the same molecular structure as the natural wax esters in the sebum of our skin. Sebum is our body’s natural oils that seal moisture and protects our skin and hair from damage. Ageing leads to a loss in the plumping properties of this ester, resulting in dry and tired skin, sometimes contributing to fine lines.

As a plant oil that is recognised as the skin's own, Jojoba is able to penetrate deep into the dermal layers, providing nourishment from below the surface. This means that it keeps our skin feeling restored and plumped from effective cell regeneration deep into the skin.



— Hydration

— Protection

— Smoothing and softening

Dervied from the marula fruit tree in southern parts of Africa, marula oil is extracted from the white kernels within the brown fruit nut and has several restorative properties for skin, hair and nails from its rich protein structure. It contains amino acids for hydration and anti-ageing, fatty acids for deep moisturising benefits and antioxidants, vitamins E and C for protecting the skin against pollution and other environmental free-radicals.

As a light-weight compound and texture, marula oil melts into the skin easily giving the hydrated feeling without the heaviness of a thicker emollient. It is suited to oily skin types due to its non-greasy finish, as well as early evidence suggesting benefits in those managing other skin conditions such as ezcema and psoriasis. It is a new-comer to the skincare market and is a front-runner, all-rounder.

Sweet Almond


— Hydration

— Repair and rejuvenate

— Removes impurities

*Caution: if you suffer from nut allergies, please consult a doctor before using products that contain nuts, egg shells or other nut-like, plant-like derivatives.

Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) is a non-fragrant oil extracted from the seeds of almonds and used as an emollient to help skin retain moisture.

Containing vitamin A, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, protein and zinc, sweet almond oil is a rich and powerful ingredient that leads from the front in your skincare routine and has been included in A&S formulas for that reason. It is commonly used to improve moisture storage, soothe stressed or damaged skin and replenish key skin proteins when it has been depleted from the upper dermal layers.



— Soothing

— Anti-ageing

— Moisturising

Derived from the camellia oleifera plant species (green tea leaf) in the mountains of South East Asia, camella seed oil is a feather-light and fast-absorbing oil that is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B, E, potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and squalene.

Research indicates that white and green tea leaf extracts such as camellia seed oil hold the highest quantities of antioxidant properties, providing long-lasting protection against free-radicals while simultaneously soothing our skin from environmental damage and vitamin depletion. Green tea has many powerful health and wellness properties as seen in other products, and holds a prime position in our A&S products too.



— Anti-inflammatory

— Smoothing

— Restorative

Also known as "Butyrospermum parkii" shea butter is a plant lipid derived from the shea tree and is used as an emollient with smoothing properties for dry skin. Shea butter contains several types of fatty acids, including lineoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids, that improve the skin's natural barrier, preventing damage from pollutants.



— Hydration

— Even skin tone

— Anti-irritation

Betaine is a humectant (hydration-optimizing) ingredient that occurs naturally in the skin and the body. It has molecules which bond with hydrogen and gives Betaine its skin-quenching abilities, known as osmolysis. This molecular structure helps our skin adapt to moisture losses and gains, essentially working to balance our skin’s hydration.

Initial research indicates that Betaine soothes and protects the skin, by reducing sensitivity and having a calming effect that prevents irritation. In some cases Betaine has been used in post-procedural applications where the skin has become broken or inflamed and needs soothing.



— Cleans impurities

— Pore-minimiser

— Skin cell rejunevation

Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay mineral used for its absorbent properties. In our A&S Cleanser formulation we have paired kaolin with hydrating and soothing ingredients which work to offset some of its absorbency so your skin will benefit from the cleansing benefits without feeling dry or tight.

It is gentle for the skin and will leave your skin feeling the best kind of clean.



— Anti-ageing

— Hydration

— Soothing

Rose hip oil is a non-fragrant emollient plant oil that has antioxidant properties and is also a rich source of skin-beneficial fatty acids. Fatty acids, linoleic acid and oleic acid help keep cell walls strong, preventing water loss and making this oil an excellent option for hydrating dry and itchy skin.

Combined with its antioxidant properties, rose hip assists in protecting skin from ageing environmental stressors, helping skin to preserve a youthful look. The skin also easily absorbs the oil, allowing its antioxidants to travel deep into the skin's layers making it a multi-tasking ingredient.


— Skin-replenishing
— Skin-restoring
— Hydration

Glycerin is a humectant that’s present in all natural lipids (fats), and is a skin-replenishing and skin-restoring ingredient which helps to establish normal balance and hydration in our skin. Initially identified by a Swedish scientist who isolated the compound from olive oil, it is one of the many substances in skin that helps maintain a healthy look and feel, defending against dryness and working to maintain skin’s moisture level.

As a master at hydration, it works by drawing water from the atmosphere to hydrate and soften the skin - hyaluronic acid is another well-known humectant. However while similar in consistency, glycerin is also a particularly useful ingredient for those with sensitive or reactive skin.

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